10 Weak Links In Law Practice Development Plans – Part II

Yesterday, we discussed, failure. Finding a successful law practice development plan’s case study in the Indian market is no less than a Ranthambore tiger sighting! Make no mistake, Legally, India’s terrain is full of prodigies and massive professional empires. Without taking anything away from their feat, we can also not ignore that most of them […]

10 Weak Links In Law Practice Development Plans – Part I

One road less travelled in the Indian law practice market, is to come up with a concrete practice development (PD) plan and to be able to say it succeeded. Yes, we have more than a few legacies – usually a function of time and relationships though. But when a law practice comes up from scratch and […]

Soft PR isn’t the answer to all your client growth prayers, PR+BD is!

  In the realm of legal marketing in India, Months of paying for expensive visibility over the highest circulating business publications, sponsoring sophisticated GC dinners at the country’s most exclusive trade bodies, buying profile space for an arm and a leg in some legal publications, and hiring a social media manager to float all of […]

You can’t do these 4 things with your law practice marketing videos!

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In a sea of webinars and podcasts how does a law practice use its video appearances to break through clutter in the marketing world? “Quality over quantity” is best a catchphrase in a brainstorming session. How does a law practice turn content often accused of ‘dryness’ into honey flanked by social media bees? Churning out […]

Growing younger law practices in 2023: Perceptions matter

Legal services, unlike the tech ecosystem, are a tricky sector when it comes to innovation of the ‘service offer’. Lawfinity Solutions – Prachi Shrivastava Prachi Shrivastava Published on : 3 Jan, 2023, 12:00 pm 5 min read Competing in a market as old as time is not for the faint-hearted. Legal services, unlike the tech ecosystem, are […]