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Market Research

Law practice management plans do not thrive in isolation from economic trends, target audiences and competitors. For the resources invested into a practice management plan to compound, law practices need to map various demand and supply trends, decision making trends, visibility and traction trends and like such.

SUPPORTING EVIDENCE: If there is a plan for increasing the visibility of a practice before its target audience, and the actionable points on it are not supported by both proof of concept as well as evaluation and pivoting criteria, then the plan is doomed to frustrate and drain the executioner, and successes through it will be minor blips on the radar – unpredicted and unlikely to repeat. Law practices that overly rely on doomscrolling through social media, particularly LinkedIn, to chase the next shiny thing based on what they saw an influencer (or a competitor with emotional influence on them) do, most often fall into this trap.

FOCUS ON IMMEDIATE RESULTS: On the flipside, time spent on research of the plan is time away from execution of the visibility system. Competitors will use that time to inch closer and closer to the desired audience of the practice that is busy researching. Therefore, the research plan needs an execution plan of its own so as to identify points of quick yield and put into implementation even as the research is ongoing.

OUR APPROACH: Supplemented by more than 7 years of journalistic investigation into every aspect of the trade of law practice in India, and bolstered by collective experience of at least 50 years of direct interaction with stakeholders in the legal profession (Our team is built entirely of marketing professionals who qualified as lawyers), we consistently maintain in house market intelligence management systems. These systems ensure that when clients ask us a question that requires ‘prediction’, our response is grounded in reality to gather which the first couple of phases of research already exist in our repositories.


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