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Buyers of legal service most commonly search for solutions to their problems online. Google, LinkedIn and other platforms lead them to landing pages which showcase perspectives on the searched solution. Out of millions of service providers, to outshine as the one who the buyers will query, is practically an online race. And in this race, using the principles of search engine optimization (SEO) and social media management (SMM) a service provider can rank highly even without the budgets to buy bigger platforms of showcase.

HOW TO USE CONTENT MARKETING: In a world of online content-saturation, appearing relevant through yet more written content requires a combination of journalistic news sense, domain knowledge and technology. It is a delicate game of synchronizing with the industry yet appearing an original thinker. It is a game which requires striking a chord with the non-technical reader while also maintaining your distance from the reader. The reader should see you as someone coming from rich experience in solving the problem being read about. And this delicate exercise has to be scaled enough to matter on Google rankings and social media algorithms. Otherwise, you don’t show up in search results and its all in vain.

OUR APPROACH: Our content group is a team of lawyers-turned-marketers led by our founder who is deeply engaged in Lawfinity’s content related execution. The founder, a lawyer who turned journalist, takes advantage of the two skillsets of journalism and law practice, in her current role in practice management. She is able to curate campaigns that resonate with exactly the target audiences that are stated as desired by law practices who are our clients. She has her finger on the pulse of topical market concerns, hungers for precision of language and clarity of thought and formulates questions worth answering, like a journalist.

COSTS TO YOU: The writers, lawyers-turned-marketers, are as passionate about applying legal concepts to market intel, as they are about the readability and clarity in their sentence structuring. Above all, they serve on a frequency that keeps their practice efficient without saturating their creativity. This helps us rationalize costs for our clients.

MYTHS AND FACT: It is only half a statement of fact to say that blogs don’t make the same impact that they used to 10 years ago. Yes, Google Trends show a steady and consistent decline in blog readership, over the years, and an upward curve in video content consumption. However, even when the two curves are placed side by side, blogs – with their decline, are as of now consumed more than videos. They also have a shorter supply chain, when compared to blogs. There are 1.9bn webs23ites worldwide of which 600 million are blogs, generating 600 million posts daily (per a November 2023 study). Many law practices waste precious time overlooking this visibility tool, whereas what they have to do instead is to rework its use strategy.

BLOGGING STRATEGY: It is not enough for law practice websites to have a knowledge centre nowadays where they irregularly publish articles and then sit back. They need to consistently create content that is more valuable than their competitors’ content. Identifying competitor content is a scientific exercise using a combination of market intel and specialized tech tools. It cannot just be based off a hunch or the first 5 things your LinkedIn algorithm shows you. The content needs to be tailored to achieve both ranking goals as well as showcasing your brand’s values. Skewing the focus on only one of those two parts will make your scaling efforts pay the price. Further, there needs to be a distribution strategy to promote your content across all the channels your audience likes to consume content on.


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