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Fresh perspectives on traditional marketing, for a traditional sector, done unconventionally!


Doors to legal advice first open online for a resounding majority of potential clients. Law practice websites show the scope of services, focus industries and contact information of the practice while also showcasing credentials such as strength of experience, recognition, testification of service excellence, thought leadership and content categories like such that ramp up the trust factor of the practice.

POSITIONING ELEMENTS: The B2B service website is, typically, a delicate interplay of brand values, industry credibility, aesthetic appeal, synchronicity with market practice, readability and ease of use, agility in updating critical information, search engine optimization (SEO) strengths and, for legal website, Bar Council of India (BCI) rules compliance as well, to begin with.

BALANCING ACT: The website cannot afford to not be state-of-the-art as it needs to draw in the interest of the modern aspirational client. And yet, as a representation of the legal professional – typically known more for their intellectual acumen and discernment, above anything else – it cannot appear to be overly focused on optics. While balancing sobriety with inventiveness, the website also needs to resonate with where the law practice is in its stage of growth – so as to appear authentic.

AUTHENTIC VISIBLITY: We understand that to a website owner the website is akin to its home, and homes vary on their décor budgets. Different homeowners have differing expectations about the extent and style of handholding that they require to implement their vision of a home that is resplendent with the resident’s personality.

Our in-house team of designers, developers, SEO experts and brand strategists weave law firm websites, practicing advocate landing pages and editorial websites, among other kinds of landing pages for the legal sector, right from the idea stage to design, development, content population and SEO optimization. As a team of young professionals, we’re agile in wearing our creative hats and are able to implement for a large variety of budgets.

COMPETITOR RESEARCH & SEO: After the website is developed and ready to circulate, we also offer continuing consultation and support on changes in static content to beat competitor SEO rankings, align with best-in-class international industry practices and stay ahead of the curve.

NICHE FOCUS: Creation and curation of editorial themed websites powered by law practices and legal sector professionals, is our specialized niche focus, having spearheaded news website ventures, among others. We have our finger on the pulse of the campaigns that make such websites stick in community memory.


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