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Marketing Systems Integration

Law firms of a certain size having in house execution capacities but lacking a practice development plan plan find frustration in realizing their visibility goals on three counts: Maximising the executor’s efficiency, giving the executor a navigator, and leadership communication frameworks. In house practice development teams eager to drive results can benefit from the guidance of an external consulting team that knows the sport from the perspective of many different practices and not just the one followed in house.

Practices can take both fuel and direction from market response indications drawn on short timelines. They can rely on pattern identification using sample-based activities across the universe of practice development endeavors. The sample can be large enough to comprehensively cover the firm’s potential, without being so large as to dilute the probability of results across its narrow sections.

As a young and boutique consulting firm, we are able to drive results across several law practices at one time through our small team. This is complex yet possible to achieve through tech-driven communication management, data management and performance tracking systems that, within a law firm system, can be readily aligned with the firm’s formal HR appraisal systems.

Our media network, general counsel and business head network and market intelligence, propreitory data management systems, and experience working on the marketing blueprint for large partnership national firms, ensures that while the in house team goes after the more complex and time-taking visibility results, the firm also stays alive in the business networking sphere supplemented by our relationships and trajectory mapping.

The senior leadership at law firms is well-adjusted to a market where it has sustained itself for decades without using organized practice development system. However, the climate has now changed. And in business, the only rule is to adapt or wither. Leadership may= often find a less than seamless communication channel with young PD teams. This is attributable to several factors including, but not limited to, being habituated to different perspectives on law practice growth, being bogged down in legal execution and like such. We conduct coaching programs consisting of multiple, well-spaced, day-long seminars with the senior leadership of both legacy law firms as well as young firms.


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