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A boutique marketing firm operating in the law practice and public policy sectors in India and India-facing.

We partner with exceptional growing law practices of individuals, firms and corporate counsel. We advise on and execute mandates for media presence, brand profiling and pitches, lead generation and business development systems, outbound content creation and emailing and social media campaigns, awards and listings, Op-Ed/public policy writing, litigation communication and everything in between.

Launch your winning marketing system in 12 weeks or less

Do you know what it is that you have to demonstrate about your practice, who it is that you have to nurture, how to time your actions for the most impact, why it ties into your practice growth goals and how do you get there step by step with minimum wasted effort? Come inside our full strategy programme and find out. Eventually, have us execute your winning roadmap.

Cement your Indian media presence & craft your legal A-lister story

Find something valuable to say and then be the first to say it at a platform that is so elite, it doesn’t drown your voice out in the crowd and the noise. Join our PR and media relations program and get inside the highest communication networks.

more of our services

Outbound content

Primers, Newsletters, Snackable videos, PR content & more to keep your audience nurtured and informed, timed with market and personal relevance

PR platforms

Elite editorial stories and authoring opportunities in Tier 1 business media, speaking opportunities, awards and listings, and thought leadership in deeply evaluated forums

Business development

Custom CRM-based systems to evaluate and build momentum on your relationships

Brand statement

Presentations, profiles, websites, pitch decks and everything in between that stitches together gaps in your best brand story

Lawfinity Values

Empathy, an obsession to solve, a fascination for story

Drive to uncomplicate

Brilliant ideas do not work in a vacuum from the people implementing them. Our ideas shine because you steadily warm up to the joy of executing them. project management, tech finetunement and orienting expectations is what we pride ourselves on. 

Relationship first

We thrive on the energy of becoming your closest confidante. We recognise that our relationship synergy is pivotal to solving deeper for you, and relish building a healthy marriage.

Planning for momentum

You do not specialise in marketing, yet never again will you lose momentum because of lack of attention to this area. We ensure that the visionary clarity keeps drawing you in. 

Lateral solutions

We are newshounds for gaps in your brand story. Our rounded strategy is based on constantly sniffing for aspects of perception that were missed out in our last working strategy.

Data-backed recommendations

None of our recommendations are hunches. Just because we are “creatives”, doesn’t mean we are also not data-scientists. We geek out on analytical reports.