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Social Media Management

Lawyers are erudite professionals. This strength benefits them immensely in fostering engaging connects. That attribute calls to be showcased through networking activities. However, networking is a resource-heavy endeavor. Luckily, the law practices of today have a far more level playing field than what veteran practices had, when it comes to networking. Thanks to the power of social media, one doesn’t have to wait until the calendars free up and the coffers fill up, to divert into executing offline meets with desired people.

WHAT TO USE IT FOR: Lawyers can simply find their target audience from the comfort of their desktop, mobile or tablet, connect with them, and showcase clarity of thought and authority of experience, while understanding the target audiences’ needs better.

HOW TO USE IT: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Medium, Quora, Skool, Glassdoor, YouTube, and other niche platforms, provide an opportunity to law practices to stay connected to what their target audience is talking about, show their own thought and practice credentials to that audience, engage with them one-on-one, boost their website visibility rankings, pepper the internet with lead magnets that route desired audiences back to their website, gain reputation and authority, lead niche communities and a lot more.

REASONS FOR FAILURE: When initial efforts at gaining eyeballs and following, or enquiries, on social media fail law practices can, understandably, feel frustrated with the whole endeavor – especially after removing valuable time from the billable hour to engage in this effort. Blindly copying trends or competition, applying a simplistic volume strategy or leaving gaps in the loop of circulation are usually at the heart of this failure.

THE CLINCHER: The algorithms that determine what your target audience sees on their news feed become more and more layered and sophisticated every few months. They are not dependent on any one factor, and they keep tweaking their machine learning. This means that gamey tactics will not beat the algorithm. Your best shot at adding some degree of certainty to the game is to operate from in-depth knowledge of the human element. The focus, frequency and circulation route of your content on LinkedIn should be based on mapping the cultural and emotional make up of the humans you are targeting.

Applying that starter knowledge to the algorithm science custom to each platform, and to your own authentic brand values, is the recipe to create a social media presence that can be monetized through converting legal queries.


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