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Revolutionize Legal Marketing: Video Strategies for Lawyers in India | Lawfinity’s Innovative Approach Unveiled – Part I

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If you thought nobody reads newsletters because you don’t, think again.

The same audience is spending hours at end scrolling through videos on Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms. In fact on YouTube, it is seeking out videos by consciously inputting search phrases.

Legal marketing in India is no longer confined to traditional methods, and if you do the same old thing with your emails, you’ll have them done the same old thing back. Do not blame universal emotions for the failure of your email newsletter to land even after landing.

Marketing for lawyers requires a shift in approach. Try using some innovative law firm marketing strategies that gives people the information they are looking for, in a digestible and memorable format that builds a connection instead of merely expounding.

Connections breed loyalty. Loyalty keeps mailbox owners from deleting you before reading you.

In Lawfinity’s own example, our video emailers – adopting unexpected tones, honest and (what some may call) cheeky – have had an undeniable impact on email KPIs.

By KPIs we’re not just talking vanity metrics such as ’email opens’ or ‘click rates’, but in fact no unsubscribers and even some (what some may call) cheeky, very welcome reverts back to our video claims.

Want to take advantage of this straight, fast tool at your hands to elevate your legal marketing? Here’s what to do:

  1. Pick a likeable host

When your law practice has a lot going on it can be hard to update your audience without appearing to ‘show off’. In the realm of Legal marketing in India, Show offs bore cynics to death and tend to bring out the cynics in the believers. “Look at all my new deals and cases, news media appearances, papers printed in credible external publications, awards and recognitions, events and more”, is not the best thing in the world to stage.

Strategically incorporating marketing for lawyers involves choosing the right spokesperson. Therefore, have either the chief practice head – or their warm effusive stand-in. The stand-in can, perhaps, be an associate or a PD team member with a flair for the camera. Let them speak into the video as if having their favourite client over for coffee. Chat about the ‘Whys’ of these initiatives instead of the ‘look what we did’ of it. For effective law firm marketing, keep the tone client-facing.

Technicality: Embedded videos don’t instantly and always play in emails. Ensure the team prepping this email has a few workarounds.

  1. Contribute

What is it that your audience would save costs on doing by themselves? The mark of a deeply engaged thinking professional in the realm of legal marketing is that when it comes to the client’s constitution and problems, the consultant is totally clued in. Therefore, the consultant knows what can be taken in house and is not threatened by that deduction in her service offerings to the client. Because the consultant has far more value to add, and has discovered newer and unattended problems of the client.

Marketing for lawyers goes beyond conventional strategies; therefore, a regular digest of tutorials helping your client navigate certain challenges on their own in a few simple, foolproof steps – is gold. It is the page turner that your audience will look forward to regularly. This is what will legitimise your newsletter’s regular frequency and allows you to focus on the higher-value aspects of your law firm marketing strategies.

Technicality: A screen share video with e-pen on white page is by far the best approach we have discovered so far. More effective than slides and more effective than face-time.

Sharing videos of your staff or office culture is a great way to build trust and credibility, further adding a personal touch to your law firm marketing. Introduce new employees, provide information about your summer intern program, video office events, or document some of the inner workings of a case.

  1. Bring them home

What is your ‘Why’? Why did you start? What keeps you going? That’s your core message, and when it comes to marketing for lawyers, you can never say it enough times.

Every new growth move, new employees joining, new programs and initiatives by the practice that benefit the profession and the community, knowledge events in-office, some of the inner workings on a deal – the way these shape and pan out should be the strategic decisions that are intricately woven into your law firm marketing strategies, shaping and influencing your core identity.

And you should find new ways to say it in your legal marketing email newsletter videos, even if you feel this information is already printed all over your brochure materials, your website, your LinkedIn bio and in a dozen listings.

Your story, shared on loop, brings out your authenticity and personality. The frequency of that share creates trust in the audience that it is not a made-up act for the purpose of marketing materials.

Technicality: Involve multiple faces from the practice in sharing about your values and culture. This lends the messaging freshness and the strength of homogeneity across the team.

  1. Make it about the audience

How do you film social proof without sounding self-indulgent? In the realm of law practice marketing in India, use your client testimonials but in an appreciative manner.

Also, video testimonials from clients in different phases of their journey with you is a great lead nurturing story, strengthening your law firm marketing strategies.

Technicality: Want to go a step further? Customise each newsletter beyond the standard Hi {first name} that everyone knows all email software offer you effortlessly. Instead, why not put in a personal thank you note addressed to the one intended reader inside each separate newsletter email?

Communications that inspire action don’t have to begin from scratch. You can leverage videos that are already out there on your social channels to give your email (and social channels) a boost. Link to the relevant social media posts so users will then be prompted to engage with it and follow your social media account, reinforcing your legal marketing.

Webinars and virtual events are a lot of work so it’s important to have an intentional follow-up plan to help you achieve more value out of the effort you put in. A creative way to do so is to share video clips from the event, such as a highlight reel. This creative approach not only adds value but also extends the reach of your efforts in legal marketing.

To be continued…

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