Navigating Data Ownership and Bias: Challenges for AI Startups in India

Introduction:   Artificial Intelligence (AI) startups in India face hurdles, two big ones are data ownership fights and biased algorithms. These startups use AI for innovation, but struggle with legal and ethical issues around the data they collect and the potential biases in their algorithms. This article will break down these challenges and how they […]

Soundless-scream dreams: Lawyers should use their natural erudition to a necessary end

This piece was first published in Business Connect. The CEO-equivalent of a public sector (PSU) energy company made a distress call to me recently. “Can you refer me any ‘agencies’ to engage for environmental statutory compliances and issues related to [that PSU’s main] business on retainership basis?” The company is Indian and more than a […]

Soft PR isn’t the answer to all your client growth prayers, PR+BD is!

  In the realm of legal marketing in India, Months of paying for expensive visibility over the highest circulating business publications, sponsoring sophisticated GC dinners at the country’s most exclusive trade bodies, buying profile space for an arm and a leg in some legal publications, and hiring a social media manager to float all of […]

You can’t do these 4 things with your law practice marketing videos!

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In a sea of webinars and podcasts how does a law practice use its video appearances to break through clutter in the marketing world? “Quality over quantity” is best a catchphrase in a brainstorming session. How does a law practice turn content often accused of ‘dryness’ into honey flanked by social media bees? Churning out […]